Tax Planning

Here at Rotherwood Insurance Consultants, we know how important tax planning is for now and for the future. It can be a time-consuming, stressful experience and our experiences team can take some of the burden from this important task. Whether you are an individual or a business, we can help to ensure you plan your tax to the highest level, ensuring that not only you have planned it effectively but that also you can reduce tax as much as possible.

What is our tax planning service

After all, tax is a financial burden that harms your profit. Therefore, our experienced team who specialises in tax planning are here to help protect your assets and ensure your financial affairs are up to date. Everyone has different circumstances and these will be taken into account to ensure the tax planning works well for the individual.Our team here at Rotherwood Insurance Consultants with our wealth of experience working with our clients to ensure only the best plan is put in place with a well-designed strategy that is put in place to protect our clients and their wealth. A secure strategy will ensure they can reach their goals and sustain their money,
Our highly reputable tax planning service works with clients who need help with their taxes, whether they want to reduce their tax bill or plan for it more effectively. Here at Rotherwood Insurance Consultants, we work with our clients with a tax planning service that will help you implement excellent strategies that will suit your requirements. We find effective ways to reduce those payments such as looking at investment opportunities to help towards your tax payments. We work with our clients to see if they can utilise their personal savings allowance for their future tax bills. Also, we can look at capital gains allowance and annual dividends.
We can also help our clients with more complex areas that require an experienced member of our team to help and advise. That way, our clients can make an informed plan for their future tax bill and make any cuts if possible.
For instance, we can look at pension contributions as you get an income tax relief on contributions, these investments are free from dividends, capital gains and interest tax and it’s not included in your estate. We can also look at VCT which have income tax relief on contributions, no dividend of capital gains tax and can be recycled every 5 years for tax relief.
Who would benefit from our tax planning service?
Here at Rotherwood Insurance Consultants, we are happy to work with individuals who require help with their tax planning for their future. We can help those who want to reduce their tax bill, whether they are struggling to pay or looking for ways to cut down the cost so that they can make a higher profit. We work with the client to make a strategy that works for their specific needs. We can look at investment opportunities which will help them to retain more of their wealth.
For those who are unsure of what route to take, we are here to give specialised advice with our wealth of experience to ensure you take the best route with you. We can go through each asset type for those who want to reduce their tax bill. We receive the highest praise and our reward is seeing our clients reduce their tax bill, ensuring higher wealth. Whether you are new to tax planning or want guidance on your current plan, we can assist you.
Our service also includes looking at ISA which are beneficial as they are free from dividends, capital gains and interest tax. This amount can also be withdrawn freely without charge. Our team can also give an in-depth look at offshore policies which again are free from dividends, capital gains and interest tax and only have a small withholding tax.

What are the next steps?

If you are looking for assistance with your tax planning, we are here to help assist, whether you are new to tax planning or want guidance for the future. We offer a free consultation and can help you to make a tax planning strategy for the future. After an initial consultation, we can work with you moving forwards, offering you only the highest level of advice and support to make effective changes to your tax planning. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see what changes you could make to make a big difference.

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